Crucial Custom Cycles designs and builds custom bike frames in Wellington for cycling kiwis of all shapes and goals.

A bike frame designed to fit you and your riding

You will benefit from a custom frame built specifically for you regardless of discipline:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road racing
  • Randonneur (Long distance)
  • Commuting.

Anders is an experienced designer who creates steel frames in Wellington using fillet brazing and traditional lugged design.

Anders Waiker of Crucial Custom Cycles custom made mountain bike framesCrucial Custom Cycles custom-made mountain bike

Refreshingly individual

Crucial Custom Cycles bike frames are one-off distinctive units, precisely aligned, welded and assembled. There are no production lines here.

Anders crafts one frame at a time taking care with each stage of construction to make sure all components are of the highest quality and the fillet brazing is strong and clean.

Contact Ander’s at Crucial Custom Cycles to find out more about creating a  New Zealand built mountain bike you can’t wait to ride.

Short de-brief for those who have been watching my Tour Divide journey

4298.5 km 160km/day including 1day off

47795m of climbing, 5.4x sea level to summit of Mt Everest

2x flat tires (one within 50km of the finish at 1am)

2x chains

6 pairs of brake pads (should have been 8 )

1x broken front derailleur shifter

2 tires, the tread was still sharp on the Vitoria Mezcal XC Trail until the hot asphalt of New Mexico, after 1 day they were slicks

Almost 1 litre of chamois cream

3 bottles of chain lube

0 inconsiderate or bad drivers

0 rude or horrible locals

I think about 8kg lighter

-4 to 39 degrees C temperature range

Sighted 3 Elk, 1 Fox, 2 skunks, many gofers & deer

Physical difficulty = very hard
Mental difficulty = very, very, very hard

I couldn’t have completed this adventure without Amanda McDowell looking after everything at home and a shoulder to cry on after the many tough days

Thanks to Max & Mardi for the encouragement

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CDT track to Antelope Wells 260km
FINISH in 26 day 21hours
Had to be done today, couldn’t face getting back on the bike tomorrow, started peddling at 6am and finished at 430am

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Coulson Park to somewhere up the CDT 136 km
Got caught in a lightning storm Noah and lost a few hours huddling under a camp ground bench as lightning was striking around a 100m away

Sections of the CDT (Continental Divide Track) is a new inclusion in this years route
It is a WALKING track and in the 3 sections add this year they have been hike-a-bike, the sight of the CDT trail marker will now always send shivers down my spine

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Grants NM - Coulson park 220km
Stopped in Pie Town for a pie, slept under the stars 24 degrees at night

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Cuba NM - Grants NM 240km
3 short days in a row, I need to put down some km’s to get clear of the broom wagon

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