Crucial Custom Cycles designs and builds custom MTB frames in Wellington for mountain biking kiwis of all shapes and goals.

Your custom made frame is a one-off hand-built design and no matter your body type or riding preferences, you can feel confident and in control of your mountain bike in any terrain.

A mountain bike frame designed to fit you and your riding

You’ll benefit from a custom MTB frame built specifically for you whether:

  • You are a recreational weekend rider
  • You enjoy full on racing
  • You are an ultra-distance enthusiast
  • You use your mountain bike to commute.

Anders is an experienced designer who creates steel MTB frames in Wellington using fillet brazing for its strength and graceful simplicity.

Anders Waiker of Crucial Custom Cycles custom made mountain bike framesCrucial Custom Cycles custom-made mountain bike

Refreshingly individual

Crucial Custom Cycles mountain bike frames are one-off distinctive units, precisely aligned, welded and assembled. There are no production lines here.

Anders crafts one frame at a time taking care with each stage of construction to make sure all components are of the highest quality and fillet brazing is strong and clean.

Contact Ander’s at Crucial Custom Cycles to find out more about creating a  New Zealand built mountain bike you can’t wait to ride.